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Tipton 9EC, Iowa

District 9EC
74 Years of Service -- Chartered November 8, 1949
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Welcome to the official website of the Tipton Lions! Welcome to the official website of the Tipton Lions!
Thanks for visiting - please check back often as it will be updated regularly.
The Tipton Lions are on Facebook! Search for Tipton, IA Lions Club to find the page. Be sure to Like and Share our page!

The Lions motto is "We Serve" and we'd like to do just that. If you need our assistance, please contact any Lions member, or the President and Secretary listed in our Club Contacts.

The Tipton Lions Club is a very busy club performing many SERVICES for our community. Some of those are:
Flags over Tipton
Ramp Construction
Roadside Cleanup
KidSight Screenings
Parking Cars at High School Home Football Games
Christmas Tree Sales
Hunter's Breakfast
Cedar County Fair Food Concession
Providing Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids for those in need

Visit the Club Activities Page for more details, including dates and contacts, on all these projects.

Welcome to Potential New Members
The Tipton Lions Club is open to new members and welcomes their visit. If you are interested, please contact President Ken Crock (563-889-0029) or Secretary Sarah Crock (563-889-00355) Our goal is to serve the community of Tipton. Our projects are as follows: Flags over Tipton; Ramps for disabled citizens; Planting trees within the community; KidSight for the WIC Program and the Tipton Community School and Bennett School; Parking cars for home football games; Scholarships for gradutating seniors; and donating money for other community needs such as The Freedom Rock Display, The Hardacre Theater, Tipton School Special Needs Programs, Food Pantry, Helping individuals that need food or clothing for their Children and much more. In order to provide all of these services, we need members. If you would like to help with any of these projects or would like to become a member of the Tipton Lions Club, Please contact any Lion member.

2023-2024 Board Members
President - Kenneth Crock
1st Vice President - Dean Doerscher
2nd Vice Presdient - Kenneth Stewart
3rd Vice President - Keith Whitlatch
Treasurer - Jim Jorgensen
Secretary - Sarah Crock
Membership Chair - Glenn Fear
Tail Twister - Kolton Crock
Lion Tamer - Mitchell McMurrin
Two Year Board - Glen Gronewold
One Year Board - Ron Hills and David Swan
Marketing Chairman - Loretta Gronewold
LCIF Chairman - Dennis Dykstra
Service Chairperson - Judy Archer
Club Administrator - Nicole McMurrin
Safety Officer - Daniel McMurrin

Come and Bring Your Family
The Tipton Lions Club highly encourages our members to bring their spouse, significant other and other members of their family to our Regular Meetings as well as Special Events. The Tipton Lions Club is very family oriented.

This is a great way for your family to get to know what the Lions Club is all about. So, for our next meeting and event, please bring your family members...

Free Hearing Aid Benefit for Lions Members in Iowa
Free Hearing Aid Benefit for Lions Members in Iowa

The Des Moines Outreach Lions Club has developed yet another benefit to Lions members. Iowa Lions can now market a no-cost hearing discount program through Amplifon Hearing Health Care. Des Moines Outreach Lions has partnered with Amplifon to offer a comprehensive hearing program. This is a great value to provide the individuals and businesses Lions serve and there is no cost to participate in the program.

Key benefits of the program are:
Low price guarantee on over 2,600 brand-name hearing aids.
Average Hearing Aid Savings last year was 59% off.
Hearing aids available from industry-leading manufacturers (Miracle-Ear, Phonak, ReSound, Rexton, Siemens, Sonic Innovations, Starkey, Unitron, Widex, Oticon).
Offering complete lines of hearing aids, including the latest technology to hit the market.
Substantial savings on hearing aids and on hearing services.
60-day hearing aid trial period with no restocking fees.
1 year follow-up care after purchase.
3-year warranty and loss & damage coverage.
Free batteries with initial purchase.
The largest provider network with over 5,300 credentialed locations nationwide.
Easy process for members to access program.
Over 90% patient satisfaction for over a decade. Hearing loss is quite common, with one in nine Americans experiencing it.

Tipton Lions Club Members 2023-2024
Ron Ahrens
John Albaugh
Judy Archer
Alycia Barclay
Randy Barclay
Lee Beine
Fritz Bohde
Michael Boyle
Jessica Challis
Jordan Challis
Ron Challis
Kris Clark
Jennifer Comstock
JoAnn Crock
Kenneth Crock
Kolton Crock
Sarah Crock
Dean Doerscher
Don Drager
Veronica Drager
William Driscoll
Denise Dykstra
Dennis Dykstra
Linda Dykstra
Jerry Elijah
Glenn Fear
Denise Feltes
David Fry
Glen Gronewold
Loretta Gronewold
Lynda Hansen
Ron Hills
Elez Ilazi
Gary Jedlicka
Judy Jenkins
Jim Jorgensen
Chris Keller
Edward Ketelsen
Floyd (Bill) Lenker
Paul Martin
Sara Romig-Martin
Elizabeth McMurrin
Daniel McMurrin
Mitchell McMurrin
Nicole McMurrin
Steven Meyerholz
Todd Miller
Ken Muller
Richard Paul
Elsie Payton
Terri Peck
Jim Reeve
Jeff Renander
Kenneth Stewart
David Swan
Charline Thumm
Richard Timm
Deb VanderGaast
Heather Sloma-Weber
Kory Wehmeyer
George Welker
Rodne Wendt
Teresa Wendt
Denise Wheeler
Alice Whitlatch
Keith Whitlatch
Sherry Willey
Charles Williams
Rae Williams
Alvin Wright
Andrea Wulf

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