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Lions Club

South Des Moines, Iowa

District 9MC
68 Years of Service -- Chartered April 27, 1954
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PRESIDENT : CLARENCE MATTSON (Home) 515-256-8085 (Cell) 515-770-2104 (Email) vikingmattsoncl@aol.com

VICE PRESIDENT: CHRISTOPHER SHAFFER (Home) 515-343-7025 (Email) chrisshffer056@gmail.com

SECOND VICE PRESIDENT: JIMMY BACON (Cell) 515-491-3340 (Email) baconjim.55@gmail.com

SECRETARY: LINDA MATTSON (Home) 515-256-8085 (Cell) 515-770-2195 (Email) vikingmattsoncl@aol.com

TREASURER: ROGER KERNDT (Cell) 515-707-6401 (Email) rogerkerndt@gmail.com

KIDSIGHT PROGRAM LEADERS : HELEN GIVLER (Home) 515-287-0400 (Cell) 515-371-8109 (Email) givlernh@msn.com

KIDSIGHT PROGRAM LEADERS : DAVID & LADELL (Home) 515-244-1883 (Cell) 515-681-2681 (Email) dklybarger@mchsi.com

EYE GLASSES & HEARING AID COORDINATOR: JIMMY BACON (Cell) 515-491-3340 (Email) baconjim.55@gmail.com

CARETAKER OF FLAGS: CATHERINE SHAFFER (Cell) 515-326-4658 (Email) catharine.shaffer@gmail.com

TAILTWISTER: JERRY BASKETT (Cell) 515-249-6294 (Email) jlb1914@outlook.com

WEB EDITOR: JIMMY BACON (Cell) 515-491-3340 (Email) baconjim.55@gmail.com

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