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95 Years of Service -- Chartered November 24, 1924
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Helen Keller, who was both deaf and blind appeared in 1925 at a convention of the International Association of Lions Clubs. Helen Keller challenged the Lions to become "KNIGHTS OF THE BLIND." The Lions accepted the challenge and have established many projects world wide, to aid the blind and to prevent blindness with sight conservation programs.

While aid to the blind and sight conservation are major projects of Lion Clubs, there are many other projects done on local level with youth projects, assistance to the elderly and other special needs as they develop. The aid and service provided in our communities vary and change as the needs change. We adjust as necessary. See examples below:

Provide eye exams and glasses for those in need
Provide hearing aids and exams for the elderly through the Iowa Lions Hearing Aid Bank
Screen youth eyesight for defects with the Iowa Lions KidSight program
Collect used eye glasses and hearing aids for recycling
Camp Courageous youth scholarships
Camp Herko Hollow diabetic youth camp scholarships
Food baskets for Thanksgiving
Food Baskets and gifts for Christmas
Support "Lions Care and Share" proogram
Sponsor Youth Peace Poster contest
Contribute to diabetes research
Provide college scholarships to high school seniors
Sponsor youth baseball teams

DAVENPORT HOST LIONS CLUB CHARITABLE Foundation was started in 1988 as a Charitable Trust. In 2001, it was incorporated as a Foundation as a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt corporation. This Foundation is used to provide funds "above and beyond" what we would normally do as a Lions Club. During the past ten years this Foundation has provided over $107,000 in funds and services in addition to our regular club projects. Donations are tax deductible and are always welcome from members and the public. Contact Norm Dean PID at 563-650-8362 for more information.

Some recent grants from the Foundation are shown below:

The members of the Davenport Host Lions Club were able to see a CCTV demonstrated at a recent meeting of our Lions club. Dr. Abby Thomas of Virdi Eye Clinic accompanied Mr. Cargill, the recipient, to show their appreciation for the low vision devise our club Foundation had purchased. The device itself is a video magnifier called a CCTV (closed circuit television) which basically magnifies all printed material onto a computer screen. This is a great device for individuals suffering from macular degeneration or other ocular disease. Mr. Cargill is now able to do such things as sign checks by swiping the check under the camera, address his mail, and read the bible. He is also able to adjust the brightness, magnification, color, and contrast to his liking. Mr. Cargill feels this device has greatly improved activities of daily life and helped him maintain his independence.

CASI is the acronym for Center for Active Seniors Incorporated. CASI provides many services for the seniors in our area. One of the favorite axctivities is the Fitness Center. Many of the seniors "work out" here on a regular basis, especially in the morning. The Nu Step exercise maqchines receive heavy usaeage. Many times, there would be waiting periods for one of the two machines to become available. A new machine was purchased by our Foundation at a cost of $3848. The new "NU STEP" is shown in the foreground of the picture above.

The Davenport Host Lions Club contributes significantly to the Leader Dog Puppy Raising Program. Grants from our Foundation this year enabled us to adopt two Puppies for The Rockwell City Correctional Center,one puppy at the Newton Center and one puppy for the FT. Dodge Center. The puppies are under the direct care of a prison inmate who provides training and oversight 24 hours per day. The handler bonds with the puppy and they are all very happy and express pride when the puppy is accepted into the Leader Dog Program.

Not only does the training of the puppy serve a good purpose, the inmate is also a better person after having the opportunity to accept the responsibility of the puppy.

The picture to the left shows puppy Tom during obedience training. Food is placed near the puppy and the dog must "Stay" until released. The puppy is staying, but is literally "licking his chops" as he looks at the tempting food placed near by.

The puppy is named after two of our club members with the name Tom.

This Foundation started in 1951 and through the years, it has provided a way for Lions Clubs across Iowa to join together in providing services to the citizens of our community that would involve more than we could do individually as Lions Clubs. The Lions of Iowa provide the funds so the Foundation can provide the servicves. All of the services provided by the Foundation are available to the members of all communities in Iowa.

There are seven entities or programs involved with the Foundation. They are:

Iowa KidSight is dedicated to enhancing the early detection and treatment of vision impairments in our young children (target age 6 through 48 months).

Lions Eye Bank was established in 1955 and has been recognized as one of the best in the United States. It's main purpose is to provide the eye tissue for corneal transplants or for eye research to better understand eye diseases and related eye disorders.

Iowa Lions Hearing Aid Bank recycles hearing aids which are made available to those in need. Our club collects them and also arranges exams for those needing assistance.

Leader Dog Puppy program receives assistance from the Foundation for food and care of the puppies. (See articles elswhere on this web site.)

Education for the Blind is a program to provide equipment to high school students to assist them with their studies.

Iowa School for the Deaf is a program to assist parents of young hearing impaired children at the Iowa School for the Deaf.

Cochlear Implant Center was established with Lions and Lionesses funding to build a clinical and research group to serve the needs of people with profound deafness. Implants are made to restore hearing.

The Davenport Host Lions Club is very supportive of the Iowa Lions Foundation. For many years, our club has been the leading financial contributor from the Lions Clubs of Iowa.

The award is named for longtime Executive Secretary-Treasurer Warren Coleman, who has given freely of his time and dedication to the Iowa Lions Foundation and the programs for which it supports. This award is conferred on persons who demonstrate community service, and can only be made possible by an individual or club contribution of $1,000.00 to the Iowa Lions Foundation

The Davenport Host Lions Club is a 100% Warren Coleman Award Club. All members of the club have received the Warren Coleman Award, with many members being Progressive Warren Coleman Award recipients. The Davenport Host Lions Club is the only 100% Warren Coleman Award Club in Iowa.

Thank you for your interest in our eyeglass and hearing aid recycling program. Eye glasses are collected, catalogued and provided for many people who would not be able to read and do things that many of us take for granted.

Used hearing aids are collected, cleaned and serviced and made available free of charge to persons young and old here in Iowa.

Davenport Host Lions Club has many convenient locations for drop off of glasses and hearing aids. They are shown below:

Main at Locust Pharmacy and Medical Supplies
American Legion (Bingo Night)
Bettendorf Eye Care Center
Davenport Public Library
Davenport Public Library - Eastern Ave. Branch
Davenport Public Library - Fairmont St. Branch
Davenport Memorial Park
Eye Care Max - 4007 East 53rd St., Suite 400
Eye Care Pavillion
Eye Surgeons Associates
First Christian Church Davenport
Habitat for Humanity - Restore 3629 Mississippi Ave.
HyVee - all four Davenport locations
Lifetime Eye Health - 1718 East Kimberly
Johnson Eye Care - 4622 Progress Drive, Suite B
Luther Manor Towers
Luther Manor Knoll
Luther Crest
Newcomb Presbyteriann Church
Parker Audiology - 3601 N. Division
Sams Club Pharmacy
US Bank - Downtown location
Virdi Eye Clinic

The Davenport Host Lions Club thank you for your assistance in providing the glasses and hearing aids for those that need assistance with their sight and hearing problems.

During each iscal year, July through June, we collect about 1500 pairs of eyeglasses. Glasses collected are sent to the recycling centers. They are then catalogued by prescription and then sent on to communities for distribution to residents that are unable to purchase new eye glasses.

A big thank you for all of you who contribute used eyeglasses and hearing aids. Those needy persons that receive them also want to thank you!

If you have any questions, or if you would like to volunteer your place of business as a collection point, please contact Lion Lisa Ploehn at 563-940-0922.

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