Lions Club of Iowa - Club Administration System

This is the new login portal to maintain your club web site. Your club has one login and password now, so to maintain your site you must enter that information here below.

BE ADVISED: you have ONE HOUR of authenticated time to maintain your site once you have successfully logged on, this is a security measure so that someone can not log on to your club site accidentally or on purpose. It it HIGHLY ADVISED that the FIRST THING you do after logging on for the first time is to change AT LEAST your password if not both your userid and password. You can always logout and log back in again to get a fresh 60 minutes if you plan on doing a lot of work, but 60 minutes should be sufficient for 99.9% of the work you may want to do here.

If you do not know your club's login and/or password, contact the state office in Ames and they will look it up for you.

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