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2018 May 26 Website Info
This website contains the photos of our Lions Club Members. To see the photos, tap the HOME tab of the left side of the screen. The just scroll down until you see the photos. The HOME screen is also the first thing you will see when you open the Lions website.

The Lions Club also has a Facebook entry. To find the the Facebook entry, just search Facebook for Altoona-Iowa Lions Club.

2018 May 26 2018 Website News
Website news
Website news
Just FYI, the "News & Events" tab shows the photos/news for the past 90 days. After 90 days, the items get moved automatically to the "Archives" sub tab under "News & Events".

Our complete photo history going back to July 2010 is there. Take some time when you can and cruise through our photo history.


The Altoona Lions Club has just started a Facebook page.

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Altoona-Iowa Lions Club


2019 March 11 Meeting Minutes
The Lions club met with 17 members present. T. J. Guzzi, led the club in
the pledge of allegiance and prayer was offered by Herb Phillips.
The speakers were from the Altoona police department. Chief Greg
Stillman led the presentation with input from Lt. Tony Chambers. The
department has experienced some “restructuring” after data analysis of
staff activities. Eighty percent of arrests are non-Altoona residents. The
force currently has 31 officers on staff. The department now has a canine
and there are plans to develop a canine corp. A good Q & A session
followed their presentation.

Roger Mahnke gave the treasurer’s report:
Activity Fund 2,964.15
Money Market 10,437.32
Admin. Fund 3,342.29
Moved to approve - Jay Rosenberger, 2nd by Larry Laurens, with
unanimous club approval.

Bill Pollard read the secretary’s report. Moved for approval by Paula
Hudson, seconded by Jay Rosenberger, with unanimous club approval.

Carolyn Wilkins was presented the Melvin Jones award in recognition of
her support of our clubs actives. Especially staffing the spin art booth,
whether it was state fair time, Des Moines’ art festival, or family days at
Prairie Meadows. THANK YOU! Carolyn, for ALL that you do.

Respectfully submitted,
Helen J Phillips, Recorder

2019 Mar 12 Photo of Pollard and Linda Wilkins 2019 Mar 12 Photo of Pollard and Linda Wilkins
This photo of Bill Pollard and Carolyn Wilkins was taken at the meeting on March 12.
Carolyn was presented with a Melvin Jones Fellowship award.

Congratulations Carolyn.

2019 Jan 14 Meeting minutes
Altoona Lions Club
January 14, 2019
Lion’s Park Shelter House
Altoona, Iowa
The 2019 year started with 17 members and guest June Stuart in attendance. The meeting was called to order by Barb McGrean with the pledge of allegiance, followed by Ric Layman offering prayer. There was no program given, however, a lot of catching up on the club’s past and future activities was processed.
Secretary’s report was read by Bill Pollard, moved for approval by Bill
Good, 2nd by Jay Rosenberger, with unanimous club approval.
Treasurer’s Report:
Activity Fund 6775.13
Money Market 10,433.10
Admin. Fund 4600.34
Report was submitted electronically and club action was not taken at that time, ……next meeting.
The following items were shared by Secretary Bill Pollard:
1) our club received a thank-you note from the Ronald McDonald House for our donation of pop can tabs
2) the 2017-2018 membership satisfaction patch arrived and is to be place on the club’s banner
3) a Centennial membership award has been given to Moe Gilkison from our club
4) the plan and registration form for the USA/Canada Leadership Forum, to be held in Spokane, Washington is available from Bill for anyone interested in attending
5) Bill attended the leadership conference in West Des Moines; he shared the story of the “Peace” poster award. This years recipient received a $250.00 gift
6) there was general discussion: a) on future service projects in our community; b) working with the chamber, or city council; c) we all were challenged to bring in new members; d) the revitalization of the Leo club in the SEP district, to mention a few.
7) PSA: a) New executive director has been appointed to the Iowa Lions Eye Bank, Esther Baker; b) Sts. John & Paul is hosting a Human Trafficking awareness event on January 21, 2019 at their church;
Kit McDowall reports: a) he is building a new photo library to current status, b) there are 2 caps and 2 shirts (L) for sale; c) off to a good start on membership dues for 2019.
Dennis Crabtree reports: continue to collect pop can tabs and postage stamps.
Lance Hudson: seeking food for his Lion.
Next regular meeting is January 28, 2019 at Lions Park 7:00 pm. Jason Truman from Bass Pro Shop will be our speaker.
The area Lions club annual supper with the district governor will be hosted by the Bondurant Club. January 31, 2019 at the Bondurant Legion Hall @ 6:30 pm. Reservations are to be made with Bill Pollard by January 28, 2019. (515-480-2210 or 515-967-6335 or )

Respectfully submitted,
Helen J Phillips, Recorder

2019 Jan 14 Board Minutes
Altoona Lions Club
Board Meeting
January 14, 2019
The Board of the Altoona Lions club met following the general
meeting for the purpose of reviewing membership applications for:
a) Becky Rosenberger
b) D. June Stuart

Board members present were:
Barb McGrean - Vice President
Bill Pollard - Secretary
Carolyn Wilkins - 2yr Board Member
Ric Layman - 1yr Board Member
Lance Hudson - Tail Twister Jim Wilkins - Lion Tamer

Bill Pollard moved these two candidate be accepted for membership. A unanimous vote was cast.

Respectfully Submitted,
Helen J. Phillips, Recorder

2019 Jan 13 Zone Meeting at Bondurant
2019 Jan 13 Zone Meeting at Bondurant
Altoona Attendees at Zone MTG at Bondurant. 13 Jan 2019

Bill Pollard, Jim & Carolyn Wilkins and Helen & Herb Phillips.
Charlotte Miller, DG addressed group. Wes Weuve of host Bondurant & Mary Halstead of Mitchellville at head table.
Ted Griffeon, tail twister for evening.

This photo shows District Governor Charlotte Miller giving her speech at the Zone Meeting.

2019 Jan 13 Zone Meeting 1
2019 Jan 13 Zone Meeting 1
Bill Pollard, Jim & Carolyn Wilkins at the Zone meeting

2019 Jan 13 Zone Meeting 4
2019 Jan 13 Zone Meeting 4
From Left to right; Helen Phillips,Bill Pollard, Jim & Carolyn Wilkins, and 2 pepole I do not know.

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