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2018 May 26 Website Info
This website contains the photos of our Lions Club Members. To see the photos, tap the HOME tab of the left side of the screen. The just scroll down until you see the photos. The HOME screen is also the first thing you will see when you open the Lions website.

The Lions Club also has a Facebook entry. To find the the Facebook entry, just search Facebook for Altoona-Iowa Lions Club.

2018 May 26 2018 Website News
Website news
Website news
Just FYI, the "News & Events" tab shows the photos/news for the past 90 days. After 90 days, the items get moved automatically to the "Archives" sub tab under "News & Events".

Our complete photo history going back to July 2010 is there. Take some time when you can and cruise through our photo history.


The Altoona Lions Club has just started a Facebook page.

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Altoona-Iowa Lions CLub

2018 July 16 note from Carolyn Wilkins
I want to update the members on our fundraising activities and the volunteers to date for each of these activities.

Prairie Meadows Family Days: (Amount = $1,500) Prairie Meadows donates this amount to our club to provide our spin art.

May 6 (Jerry & Marla Carr) - Done
June 10 (Carolyn & Jim Wilkins) - Done
July 8 (Moe Gilkison & Shelly Hiemer) Done
August 5 (Joan Nolin & Family member)
September 2 (Barb & Bill McGrean)

Art Festival: (Amount = $2,000) - June 22-24 - Prairie Meadows sponsors our
club to provide spin art at this annual event. Listed below are the members that
volunteered for this event.
Polly Antonelli, Herb Phillips, Jerry Carr's wife (Marla and her friend), Shelly and Al
Hiemer, Bill Pollard, Carolyn and Jim Wilkins, Moe Gilkison, Diane Smith (our adopted member for the summer). Shelly Hiemer volunteered for two shifts. We had to hire two
people for two different shifts as we did not have enough members that volunteered again
this year.

Altoona's 150 Year Anniversary Celebration: July 26-29 - Our club has donated
a $1,500 sponsorship towards a stage. We will have a float in the parade.
Bill Pollard is coordinating our entry So if you want to be involved with it, please
contact him. We will also be providing our spin art (free of charge) which is being
held at the Sam Wise Complex on Saturday, the 28th from 1-5 p.m. Our volunteers for it
are TJ Guzzi (and friend or family member), Bill and Barb McGrean and Lance, Michelle and Paula Hudson.

Iowa State Fair: August 9-19 (Estimated amount could be $11,000-$13,000) Several members have contacted me of dates and times they can help in the spin art booth. A
schedule is attached with volunteer names to date. This fundraiser event requires many
volunteers and I hope to see a number of our members "step up to the plate and be a team
member" so we don't have to hire people. It takes all of us to do our part as a member.

On another note, we have just lost two of our old time members that have volunteered
throughout the years with the spin art activity. We also have a number of members that
are no longer able to help with it as they have in the past. That is the reason why I am
requesting the members that can help to even see if they have family members/friends that can help.

Roger Mahnke is still in charge of obtaining our fair admission tickets and coordinating
our supplies - cards, paint, spin art booth equipment, etc.

If anyone has questions or concerns, please contact me at 262-1246 or lynrae2@mchsi.com. Right now I am on vacation in Utah (tonight) and won't be home until the 17th, so it
would be helpful if you could wait until after the weekend to contact me.
That will also give you time to research your availability as to when you can volunteer at
the fair (hopefully two different shifts).

2018 July 9 Minutes
Altoona Lions Club
July 9 2018
Lion’s Park Shelter House

The meeting was opened with the pledge of allegiance lead by President
T.J. Guzzi and followed by prayer offered by Rick Layman. There were 17
people present.
The meeting speaker was Dr. Dirk Halupnik Southeast Polk School district
Superintendent. Some of the items he shared:
1) the SEP district is the 14th largest in Iowa
2) the SEP graduation rate was 98.28 %, the highest in our school history;
Iowa’s state average is 90.8% and national average is 82.0%
3) our enrollment for 2017-2018 was 6,843; 40-50 new enrollees are
expected over the summer, thus the numbers will grow close to 7,000 for
the 2018-2019 year
4) over the next 5 years the anticipated growth is @ approximately 100
students a year
5) funding by the state government has been going down; the district has
retrofitted lighting throughout the district and annual savings is
approximately $500,000 as one of their major funding reduction actions
6) tax ratio on property has been reduced to $3.00/$1000 valuation for
7) the Chrome Book computer program is being expanded
8) a new 154 spaces parking lot is being developed on the north side of the
the high school building, (rainy weather has slowed progress)
9) in the big picture, the district has purchase 18 acres on Rising Sun Blvd
for a future school; this property was referred to as the Freel family farm;
the district is looking at the Spring Creek area as another possible
school site.
10)Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL) will be on the next school
ballot, September 11, 2018, for renewal.
Dr. Dirk Halupnik exceeded his 20 minute time frame, however, there was
a good Q&A session.
Secretary’s report of June 25, 2018, read by Helen J Phillips, Recorder.
Moved to accept by Lance Hudson, 2nd by Barb McGrean, with unanimous
club approval.

Roger Mahnke’s treasurer’s report:
Activity Fund! ! 5679.59
Money Market! ! 3425.19
Admin. Fund! ! 3957.38
Moved for approval by Moe Gilkison, 2nd by Joan Nolin, with unanimous
club approval.
1)The funeral bulletin for Bob Stuart was shared with those present; Roger
Mahnke also stated the club had sent $100.00 memorial to the family.
2)Inventory of our spin-art supplies was conducted by Don Townsend, Karr
VanNordstrand, and Roger Mahnke. They feel the supply is “adequate”
thus there is no work night scheduled; the paint is to be inventoried next;
also new switches are to be replaced on the tubs.
3)Discussion regarding loaning of spin-art tubs to other groups was
discussed. General thoughts were for the equipment to be used by our club
at the fair and art festivals.
4)Jim Roske, owner of East Polk Printers is retiring as of December 5,
2018. He has been doing our spin-art frames.
5)From the rumor mill:
a)Sugar Shack is moving west to Sweet Basil site (next to the
Hallmark store)
b)the Machine Shed is coming to Pleasant Hill, SE corner of the
intersection of Dewey Chevrolet and University.
6)Margaret Gowin reported she was not the winner of a new roof. She
thanked everyone for their support.
The 2018-2019 board will meeting July 17, 2018 @ 7:00 pm at Prairie Vista
Next club meeting, July 23, 2018 at 6:30 pm at the Carpenter’s Union
training center, southeast corner of 1st Avenue and I 80.
Respectfully submitted, Helen J Phillips, Recorder

2018 June 25 Meeting Minutes
Altoona Lions Club
June 25, 2018
Lions Park Shelter House

The club met with 23 members present. The pledge of allegiance was led
by President Lance Hudson and Rick Layman followed with prayer.
The program was installation of the 2018-2019 officers conducted by Judy
Stone, 9MC District Governor. The officers are:
President - T. J. Guzzi
Vice-president - Barbara McGrean
Secretary - Bill Pollard
Treasurer - Roger Mahnke
1 yr. Board Member - Joan Nolin
1 yr. Board Member - Rick Layman
2 yr. Board Member - Jerry Carr
2 yr. Board Member - Carolyn Wilkins
Tail Twister - Lance Hudson
Membership Chair. - Lance Hudson
Lion Tamer - Jim Wilkins
Web master & Assist Treasurer - Kit McDowell
Ex-officio - Helen J Phillips, Recorder
Treasurer Roger Mahnke’s report;
Activity Fund 5479.59
Money Mkt. 3423.19
Admin. Fund 3957.38
Moved to approve by Bill Good, 2nd by Rick Layman, with unanimous club
Secretary Bill Pollard’s minutes were read. Move for approval by Jim
Wilkins and seconded by Michelle Hudson, with unanimous club approval.
Carolyn Wilkins reported:
a) the volunteer slots for the Prairie Meadows summer spin art project are
complete. YEA!!
b) the Art Festival is over, YEA, however, our club did need to hire two
people to fill a shift vacancy, boo-hoo.

Altoona’s 150th celebration is coming up July 26-28, 2018. Discussion was
held about having the spin-art booth on Saturday from 1:00 - 7:00 pm.
Many of those present expressed an interest in working a 2 hour shift. A
motion was made to do the float, and the spin art would be free. T. J. Guzzi
moved and it was 2nd by Margaret Gowin, with unanimous club approval.
Also Bill Pollard has made arrangement for a Lion statue/figurine to be
used on a float and discussion for banners to advertise our club was held.
Moved by Carolyn Wilkins and 2nd by T. J. Guzzi to proceed. There was
unanimous club approval.
It was reported Don Townsend has ordered paper and it is currently being
cut for spin-art frames. It will still need to be printed and assembled. Thus
there will a work night late July or early August.
Barbara McGrean asked about position descriptions for our newly installed
officers. Secretary Bill Pollard said this information can be found at
Respectfully submitted, Helen J Phillips, Recorder

Addendum: immediately following the meeting Margaret Gowin asked the
club members for their support in a competition of replacing her roof. This
competition is with the Bakeris Roofing Company, here in Altoona.

2018 May 15 Lions at Prairie Viata 1 2018 May 15 Lions at Prairie Viata 1
On May 15 (a Tuesday) the Altoona Lions met at Prairie Vista Village for the 3rd time, I think. We had a very special guest speaker, Our new Altoona Fire Chief, Jared Ogbourne.
He said he is building a new ouse now in Altoona, and had received 2 offers for his old home that very day. Jared gave a very interesting talk about how the Fide Dept. is staffed and operates. While he is very new, he started Dec 27, 2017, he gave a lot of info.

Altoona had 2077 calls in all of 2017, or 5.8 per day. They have 15 full time staff, and 24 part time.They have 3 fire trucks and 2 ambulances.They have ust bought a huge new fire truck, equipped with a 107 foot ladder. Total cost is $1.4 Million. That will enable them to reach the many new very high buildings now in our area.

Jared also answered many questions from the club members.

Other details will be in the meeting minutes.

2018 May 15 Lions at Prairie Vista 2 2018 May 15 Lions at Prairie Vista 2
Photo 1 of the Lions in attendance.

2018 May 15 Lions at Prairie Vista 3 2018 May 15 Lions at Prairie Vista 3
Photo 2 of Lions.

2018 May 15 Lions at Prairie Vista 4 2018 May 15 Lions at Prairie Vista 4
We had a very special guest at our Lions meeting. Lance's mother, Paula, joined us at the meeting. What a great honor for us and for Lance.

2018 May 15 Meeting Minutes
May 15, 2018

Meeting was held Prairie Vista Retirement facility

7:00 PM President Lance Hudson called the meeting to order.

President Lance led the pledge

Lion Rick Layman gave the invocation

Guest Speaker was the new Altoona Fire Chief Jared Ogbourne
Gave us an overview of what was coming up for our Fire Department and what happening now.
The numbers he gave of staff and work demands were educational as well as informative.

Business meeting followed;
Secretary’s minutes were presented by Secretary Bill Pollard, Lion Mo made a motion to approve them and Lion Barb seconded it. Motion passed

Treasurer’s report was read by Treasurer Roger. Activity account $3029.44, Admin fund $3422.61, Money market $4739.49. Lion Bob A. made a motion to approve with Lion Bill G seconded it and the Club passes it.

Roger M represented the Club at Dollars for Scholars presentation night and gave $1000.00 scholarship to a deserving graduate.

Long time Club Tail twister Don T. handed duties over to next year’s Tail twister current President Lance.

PDG Dennis C received 20 thank you notes from the Seniors at SE Polk taking the CMA training program at out High School. Our Kidsight screeners gave a demonstration of what they do and gave a history of the program.

SCIP day cost us $1020.00 with both Mitchellville and Pleasant Hill Lions Clubs donating $100.00 each. This service project has become one our premier projects each spring.

Lion Jerry C and Marla work the first Family Day at Prairie Meadows. Thanks Guys for a great job!

Meeting adjourned at 8:15PM

2018 April 25 more SCIP day Photos 21 2018 April 25 more SCIP day Photos 21
More SCIP day photos from Jeannie Christenson, Facilities Coordinator/Energy Manager at SEP.

2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 22 2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 22

2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 23 2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 23

2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 24 2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 24

2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 25 2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 25

2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 27 2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 27

2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 28 2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 28

2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 29 2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 29

2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 29 2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 29

2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 30 2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 30

2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 31 2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 31

2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 1 2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 1
Well Our Club had another successful SCIP Day Service Project. Almost 400 High School Seniors and adults were fed in about 45 minutes. What amazing group of volunteers. As I say always with a little help from our Friends. Mitchellville Lions as well as the Pleasant Hill Lions donated funds to help out which is always greatly appreciated.

Our 17 Club Members that helped today: Bob A, Dennis C., Rick, Bob and Wilma H., Jim and Carolyn W., Don T., Helen and Herb P., Steve and Roger M, Karr V., Jay R, Shelley, Moe G., Bill P. Thanks again without Members willing to step up we can function.

By Lion Bill Pollard

2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 2
Photo 2

2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 3 2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 3
Photo 3

2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 4 2018 April 25 SCIP day for SEP seniors 4
Photo 4

2018 April 23 Prairie Vista Village Meeting minutes
Altoona Lion’s Meeting
April 23 2018
Prairie Vista Village

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by President Lance Hudson. Prayer was
offered by Rick Layman for 27 members and guest Marla Carr.

There was no formal program as our guest speaker had to cancel at the last moment.

Secretary’s report was given by Bill Pollard, moved for approval by Carolyn
Wilkins, 2nd by Jerry Carr, with unanimous club approval.

Treasurer’s report by Roger Mahnke:
Activity fund 4070.13
Money Mkt. 3421.99
Admin. fund 4448.77

A $100.00 honorarium was sent to Glenn Jordan’s wife at the time of his
death. Moved to approve report by Mo Gilkison, 2nd by Bob Hall, with
unanimous club approval.

Bill Pollard presented the 2018-2019 slate of officers. They are:

President - T. J Guzzi
Vice President - (vacant)
Secretary - Bill Pollard
Treasurer- Roger Mahnke
1 yr Board Member - Joan Nolin
1 yr Board Member - Rick Layman
2 yr Board Member - Jerry Carr
2 yr Board Member - Carolyn Wilkins
Tail Twister/Membership chair- Lance Hudson
Lion Tamer - Jim Wilkins

Moved that nominations be accepted as presented by Barb McGrean, 2nd
by Herb Phillips, with unanimous club approval.

Additional business:

1) SCIP day will be May 4, 2018 at Thomas Mitchell Park. We will invite the
Mitchellville and Pleasant Hill Club to help us. Hy-Vee and Fareway both
will deliver groceries.

2) Stamps and pop can tabs requested

3) Dennis Crabtree shared how our Iowa Sight Saving Screening team will
do an inservice program for the SEP Certified Nurse Aid training

4) Our next meeting, May 14, 2018 will again be at P.V.V. Thanks Bob
Aalbers and Roger Mahnke for hosting.

Respectfully Submitted, Recording Secretary, Helen J Phillips

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