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2018 May 26 Website Info
This website contains the photos of our Lions Club Members. To see the photos, tap the HOME tab of the left side of the screen. The just scroll down until you see the photos. The HOME screen is also the first thing you will see when you open the Lions website.

The Lions Club also has a Facebook entry. To find the the Facebook entry, just search Facebook for Altoona-Iowa Lions Club.

2018 May 26 2018 Website News
Website news
Website news
Just FYI, the "News & Events" tab shows the photos/news for the past 90 days. After 90 days, the items get moved automatically to the "Archives" sub tab under "News & Events".

Our complete photo history going back to July 2010 is there. Take some time when you can and cruise through our photo history.


The Altoona Lions Club has just started a Facebook page.

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Altoona-Iowa Lions Club


2018 Nov 12 Lions biweekly meeting. 2018 Nov 12 Lions biweekly meeting.
The guest speaker was Joe McGovern, President of the Iowa Heritage Foundation. Joe discussed the various natural resources around the state, including:

. Wild bird conservatory just north of Red Banks lake that includes 96,000 acres for birds
to fly where they want.
. Loess Hill State Forest
. The wetlands across the state of Iowa
. The trail covering a good part of central Iowa. He said that all the trails will be
connected within 2 to 3 years when 3 junction points are connected near Des Moines.
. The funding that makes the Heritage work, including dozens of state and national grants
and personal gifts.

2018 Nov 12 Lions receiving Length of service medals 2018 Nov 12 Lions receiving Length of service medals
Left to right are:
Jerry Carr, Jim Wilkins, Carolyn Wilkins, Lance Hudson, Kit McDowall, and Secretary Bill Pollard who presented the awards. The awards varied in length from 5 years to 25 years. Also Bill had several other awards for length of service for other Lions that were not present.

2018  Nov 12 Head Table 2018 Nov 12 Head Table
This is the head table. Treasurer Roger Mahnke, Vice President Barb McGrean, Secretary Bill Pollard reading the minutes.

2018 Oct 8 Meeting minutes
The Altoona Lion’s club met with 17 members and guest Marla Carr
present. The pledge of allegiance was led by Vice-president Barb
McGrean, followed by Rick Lyman offering prayer.
The speaker was Betty Mills a sign language interpreter. Betty’s shared
her back ground of growing up in southwest Iowa including life with a
hearing impaired father. At 33 she started learning interpretation leading
her to various experiences and a teaching career in the Des Moines Public
School system. On Sunday she does interpretation at her church in

The treasure's report by Roger Mahnke:
Activity Fund 7375.88
Money Market 13425.87
Admin. Fund 6274.19
Moved for approval by Dennis Crabtree, seconded by Jay Rosenberger,
with unanimous club approval.

Secretary’s minutes by Bill Pollard, moved for approval by Margaret
Gowin, seconded by Bill Good, with unanimous club approval.

Roger Mahnke reported that there was a financial review conducted by
Sue Faupel and Barbara McGrean of the club’s books. No discrepancies
were noted.

No action was taken regarding the memorial bench in recognition of
Robert Aalbers as the committee chair was not present.
Bill Pollard has not been able to have contact with the Sam Wise staff
regarding a banner identifying the Lion’s participation in support of the ball

Items discussed with no club action taken:
1) installing a movie screen for speaker’s presentations
2) y/n of the club moving to the Senior Center when remodeling
Wilma and Bob Hall reported they have collected 6 boxes of glasses and
11 boxes of glasses cases for the Lion’s sight program.

Next meeting will be a tour of the Teen Challenge program located in
Colfax, IA. Meet at 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Helen J. Phillips, Recorder

2018 Oct 15 ALtoona Lions biweeklty meeting 2018 Oct 15 ALtoona Lions biweeklty meeting
Betty Mills, a retired sign language interpretor was the guest speaker She gave a very good informal presentation.

Monday Night Football and an impending storm contributed to poor attendance.

The photo is of Betty Mills.

2018 Oct 15 Lions Head table 2018 Oct 15 Lions Head table
This photo show our Lions officers, left to right, Hellen Philips (Recorder), Roger Mahnke (Treasurer), Barb Mcgrean (President), and Bill Pollard Secretary.

2018 Sep 24 Pollard presents Crabtree 2018 Sep 24 Pollard presents Crabtree
Secretary Bill Pollard presents Lion Dennis Crabtree with a special Lions pin.

2018 Sep 24 Lions showing their craft 2018 Sep 24 Lions showing their craft
Lions Michelle and Paula Hudson show Bill their Crafting work. Paula is Lance's mother and now a member of our Lions Club. Welcome Paula.

2018 Sep 24 Former DG Shutters 2018 Sep 24 Former DG Shutters
Former DG Bill Shutters was the guest speaker at the Lions meeting.

2018 Sep 24 Minites of Lions meeting
Altoona Lions Club Meeting
September 24, 2018
Lion’s Park, Altoona, IA

The meeting was open with the pledge of allegiance, followed by prayer
offered by Herb Phillips. Twenty-one Lions saw a presentation by Bill
Shutters, past district governor of 9MC, and currently a trustee of the Iowa
Lions Foundation. The Lions have had a sight conservation program via
eye glass collection and/or redistribution, education on the use of the white
cane, and leader dog programs. Currently the the focus of their sight
program is on “restoration” via corneal transplants, cochlear implants, kids
screening, puppy program, and still continuing to collect eye glasses and
hearing aides. Bill Shutters gave us an interesting history lesson in that the
first corneal transplant took place in 1905.
There was no secretary’s report.
Treasurer’s report:
Activity fund! ! 8768.31
Money Market 13,424.92
Administration! ! 5161.75
Moved for approval by Lance Hudson, 2nd by Bill McGrean, with
unanimous club approval.
The 2018-2019 annual budget was presented. Following a Q & A session a
motion was made by Barb McGrean to accept this budget, 2nd by Michelle
Hudson, with unanimous club approval.
Taste of Altoona is October 4, 2018 at the State Fair Grounds, not in
Altoona. The question was raised as to how the club felt about it not being
in town. Q & A’s, along with discussion, brought a motion to the floor by
Barb McGrean, 2nd by Bill Good to not participate this year. The approval
by the club was unanimous. Bill Pollard will contact the chamber of
Our club has received a memorial gift from the Bob Aalbers family of
$1000.00. Discussion as to how this money could best be used. Two items
to be further evaluated were a yard bench, and a Lion banner at the soft

ball park. Moe Gilkison and Bill Pollard will do further research and report
their findings.
Dennis Crabtree announced that he had extra “Altoona” club pins and they
were for sale. They sold like hot cakes.
A 50 year perfect attendance pin was awarded to Dennis Crabtree.
Paula Hudson was inducted into our club. She is the mother of Lance, and
the mother-in-law of Michelle Hudson. A Montana transplant to Iowa. Either
state she’s going to get snow. Welcome aboard Paula.!!
Respectfully submitted,

Helen J Phillips, Recorder

Sep 10 2018 Apreciat dinner minutes
Fifty-seven people gathered for supper and fellowship. Members, spouses, paint-booth volunteers, and guests had a great evening.
Roger Mahnke announced he is retiring from the spin-art business as his activity level is limited. Thirty-five years of commitment!! THANK YOU!!
The financial report for the State Fair was distributed. When all expenses were paid, our club had a profit of $11,213.00.
Our only business activity was addressing the purchasing of an advertisement in the “Altoona Living” magazine. It was moved by Michelle Hudson and seconded by Margaret Gowin, with unanimous club approval, to proceed at this time so as to meet publishing deadlines.
The next meeting is September 24, 2018, at Lion’s Park Shelter House, 7:00 PM. The speaker is Bill Schultz, a past district governor.
Respectfully submitted,
Helen J Phillips, Recorder

2018 Sep 4 Gordon Gill Recognition 1 2018 Sep 4 Gordon Gill Recognition 1
On Sept. 4, Gordon was honored at the Prairie Vista Care Center, for his service record.

A huge congrats for protecting all the citizens of the USA.

2018 Sep 4 Gordon Gill photo 4 2018 Sep 4 Gordon Gill photo 4
Presentation of the award to Gordon for his service record.

2018 Sep 4 Gordon Gill Recognition 2 2018 Sep 4 Gordon Gill Recognition 2
The beautiful quilt presented to Gordon.

2018 Sep 4 Gordon Gill Recognition 3 2018 Sep 4 Gordon Gill Recognition 3
Gordon and his son enjoying his quilt wrapped around his shoulders.

2018 Sep 4 Gordon service display 2018 Sep 4 Gordon service display
Just look at this young man. Bravely protecting all of us. What a wonderful record.

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