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Altoona, Iowa

District 9MC
71 Years of Service -- Chartered April 24, 1947
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Altoona Lions Club  Altoona Lions Club
This is one of two Altoona Lions Club web places. The other is new as of 2018. It is on Facebook. Search Facebook for "Altoona-Iowa Lions Club".

Welcome to our Altoona Lions web site. We are called "The Spin Art Lions" because we earn most of our revenue by running a Spin Art booth. Please see the description of our Spin Art project below.

Each year our club performs a variety of community service activities. Some involve donating money to other organizations or projects, some involve Lions Labor, and some are just for fun.

We meet twice a month, and always either have a speaker or go on a short “trip” to an area business or function organization.

We would welcome your involvement in our Lions Group. We have lots of fun while doing rewarding community service. If you are interested in becoming a Lion, or interested in just talking with a current Lion about the group, please contact any of our club officers.

Again, thanks for visiting our web site. Please check regularly, since we will add photos, activities, and news regularly.

Altoona Lions Spin Art Booth At Iowa State Fair
Altoona Lions Spin Art Booth At Iowa State Fair
The above photo shows the Altoona Lions Spin Art booth at the Iowa State Fair. We have run this booth for 48 years (as of 2012). Kids love it, because it is fun. Parents love it because it is the best bargain at the Fair.

It requires over 100 people, Lions members and Lions friends, to run the stand for the 11 days of the Fair each year.

The State Fair booth, plus running the booth at other places such as Prairie Meadows and the Des Moines Art Fair, have generated over $250,000 over the years. The Lions have donated those Spin Art revenues to hundreds of community service projects.

Lions Officers July 2017 through June 2018
Lions Officers July 2017 through June 2018
The Altoona Lions business year starts July 1 and ends June 30.

The officers for July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 are shown above. Shown are:

Left to Right:

Roger Mahnke, Treasurer
Joan Nolin, 2 YR Director
Richard Layman, 2 YR Director
Jim Wilkins, Lion Tamer
Bill Pollard, Secretary
Lance Hudson, President
Carolyn Wilkins, Membership Chair
TJ Guzzi, 2nd VP

Missing from the photo are:

Helen Phillips, Recorder
Kit McDowall, Webmaster and Asst Treasurer
John Barrow, 1 YR Director
Barbe Shay, 1 YR Director

Photo Directory Page 1
Photo Directory Page 1

Photo Directory Page 2
Photo Directory Page 2

Photo Directory Page 3
Photo Directory Page 3

Photo Directory Page 4
Photo Directory Page 4

Photo Directory Page 5
Photo Directory Page 5

Members With No Photo Available
Dean Armantrout
Bob Beattie
Steve Mahnke
Joe Riding
Bill Stearns
Matthew Le Croy
Cassidy Le Croy
Alan Hiemer
Shelly Hiemer
Bill Stearns
Elizabeth Burns Thompson
Michael Johnson

Altoona Lions Members
Robert Aalbers
Polly Antonelli
Dean Armantrout
Doni Auten
Duane Auten
John Barrow
Donna Barrow
Robert Beattie
Jen Book
Jerry Carr
Dennis Crabtree
Tom Duer
Sue Faupel
Bonnie Garland
Gary Garvis
Maurice Gilkison
Carolyn Good
William Good
Margaret Gowin
Anthony Guzzi
Robert Hall
Wilma Hall
Dale Hartgraves
Janice Hartgraves
Alan Hiemer
Shelly Hiemer
Michael W Horton
Lance Hudson
Michelle Hudson
James Hurley
Glenn Jordan
Vernon King
Richard Layman
Cassidy Le Croy
Matthew Le Croy
Larry Lourens
Roger Mahnke
Steve Mahnke
Kit McDowall
Barbara McGrean
William McGrean
Ann Moyna
Stephen Moyna
Jerry Nolin
Jeff Nolin
Joan Nolin
Helen Phillips
Herb Phillips
Perry Phillips
Bill Pollard
Diane Pollard
Joe Riding
Dave Robison
Sharon Robison
Jay Rosenberger
Tim Shay
Barbe Shay
William Stearns
Kenneth Stuart
Robert Stuart
Donald Townsend
Karr Van Nordstrand
Maryann Vedder
John Vedder
Doug White
Joyce White
Carolyn Wilkins
Jim Wilkins

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